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It’s now official. If Pyrex® glass bakeware didn’t already hold records for the one product in more kitchens across America, it now holds a Guinness World Record for the largest measuring cup ever made.

The record Pyrex 100 Measuring Cup was unveiled March 8 in Chicago at the International Home + Housewares Show. The event officially kicked off the Pyrex 100 celebration. Hundreds of brand fans, media, curiosity seekers and those who bring Pyrex to market were there to cheer the reveal of the enormous Pyrex measuring cup, which will tour cities across America.

“People ask me if we’re going to take a breather now,” says Mike Scheffki, Pyrex brand manager, who said it took more than a year to plan the Pyrex 100 celebration. “No way! This is just the start of so many awesome things to come.

“I can’t wait to see this measuring cup make its way to Charleroi, Pennsylvania,” he added. “That’s the goose-bump moment. We’re proud that we’ve always been made in the USA. We can celebrate with four generations of American workers who have helped make Pyrex glassware the most loved kitchen brand.”

Philip Robinson of Guinness World Records officially certified the event. To achieve world-record status, the oversized Pyrex measuring cup had to pass these tests:

  1. The final product has to be at least 10X the size of the original product.
  2. It must function in the same way as the original product.
  3. It has to be made of the same material as other measuring cups.
  4. The event has to be witnessed by the public.

With hundreds of fans gathered around the cup filled with more than 75 pounds of Chicago’s Garrett Popcorn, all you can say is CHECK, CHECK, CHECK and CHECK!

It’s official! The cup is a world record holder, measuring 4 feet 2 inches tall, and holding 3,040 cups or 190 gallons!

“I’d like to see the size of the cake this measures,” Robinson joked.

The official ceremony concluded with Corelle Brands North American President Kris Malkoski encouraging the crowd to raise their limited edition Pyrex 100 measuring cups, given to everyone who attended.

“Raise your glass to the past 100 years of Pyrex,” Malkoski said, “and let’s raise our glass again to the next 100 years.”

To stay connected to the Pyrex 100 celebration and the Pyrex 100 Measuring Cup Tour all year:

The world-record Pyrex 100 Measuring Cup Tour will stop at cities all across the country this summer. Stay tuned… next stop may be a city near you!


Where Was the Cup Made?

Pyrex is proud to be deeply rooted and born in the USA. It’s only fitting that the World’s Largest Measuring Cup should be made in America. The cup was created by Corelle Brands for Pyrex and its final resting place will be Charleroi, Pennsylvania, the hometown of Pyrex.

World’s Largest Measuring Cup Statistics

  • The cup is just over 4 feet tall and sits on a 2-foot base, making it more than 6 feet total
  • The width of the cup from tip to handle is 5.83 feet
  • The cup holds approximately 3,040 cups of material
  • The cup weighs 65 pounds when empty, and has a red lid that weighs 15 pounds
  • The cup is approximately 1,500 times larger than the top-selling Pyrex 2-cup measuring cup
  • The cup features familiar red measuring markings and the 100th anniversary insignia
  • The cup is made out of acrylic

Fun Facts & Figures

  • If you were to fill the cup with pancake batter, it could produce approximately 3,840 (4-inch) pancakes
  • The cup holds approximately 30 (6.5-quart) tins of Garrett Popcorn
  • If the cup was filled with brownie batter, an individual could bake approximately 1,440 Pyrex pans of brownies
  • It could also whip up 1,920 cups of rice
  • The cup could hold enough oil to bake 72,960 cupcakes, or 6,080 dozen cupcakes

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