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From Chicago to Charleroi, the massive Pyrex® World-Record Measuring Cup made its move, arriving for a hometown 100th birthday celebration on May 16, 2015. The largest measuring cup ever made, officially recognized by the Guinness Book of Records, crossed state lines to party in Pennsylvania, where Pyrex glass has been made for four generations.

In honor of the hardworking people behind the product, the city of Charleroi was officially renamed Pyrex, Pa., for the next 100 days. The weekend celebration was as epic as the big cup it centered around.

Pyrex brand glassware has been manufactured in the same manufacturing facility in Charleroi for nearly 50 years. That’s half the brand’s lifetime! And, even more important to the people of now Pyrex, Pa., Pyrex glassware is the second largest employer in the city. That made this celebration like a big family reunion. Everyone attending seemed to know each other, many who either work at the facility or who knew an employee or retiree who has.

“My mother and father met while working at the plant and I am so excited to be here!” said one attendee.

And there were hundreds of stories just as personal and interesting shared throughout the celebration.

“You could really feel the deep connection to the Pyrex brand, and a sense of community pride,” said Emily Glusic, Pyrex associate brand manager.


So how do you welcome and show appreciation for a town that means so much to the most popular glassware in the country? With food! Specifically, a hot delicious breakfast to kick off the celebration. Charleroi Mayor Mark Alterici, World Kitchen President and CEO Carl Warschausky and Pyrex brand manager Mike Scheffki donned hats and aprons, pouring batter from limited edition PYREX® 100 4 CUP 100TH ANNIVERSARY MEASURING CUPS and flipping pancakes well into the lunch hour for hungry and enthusiastic attendees.

Pancakes gave way to pie plates for a baking contest, which quickly got cozy because of a sudden downpour. The event was held in an open covered market, and water coming in from the open sides had participants moving toward the middle to stay dry. But the weather didn’t deter the competitors. Bakers making more than 100 pies competed for top prizes and accolades, with the winner taking first place—and a $100 Pyrex glassware gift card.


Pyrex brand products, old and new, were on display, honoring the brand’s past to the present. A pop-up store with Pyrex 100 limited-edition products was buzzing with activity. Rounding out the fun was a photo booth, where attendees could have a picture taken with Pyrex glassware “props.” The image was then inserted into vintage Pyrex brand ads. The post office even participated, creating a special cancellation stamp bearing the Pyrex brand name and logo—people lined up for an imprint that included the cancellation on the date of the celebration.

Throughout the day, an Army-Navy “E flag” flew high alongside the Pyrex facility’s American flag. The “E flag,” which was given to plants and facilities that participated in wartime production, was shared by a family member of a retiree. This heartfelt gesture was the perfect symbol of the dedication, memories and sense of love that the community has for the all-American Pyrex brand.

Among the many employees, retirees and families, special guests included Pennsylvania State Senator Camera Bartolotta and Pennsylvania State Representative Peter J. Daley. Mayor Alterici encouraged the civic pride, saying, “Be proud of where you’re from. Don’t say ‘just outside of Pittsburgh.’ Tell people you’re from Charleroi!” Or, for the next few weeks, Pyrex, Pa.

The celebration wouldn’t be complete without “raising our glass” to the many dedicated American workers who’ve been carrying on this brand’s “Made In the USA” heritage for generations past, and many more to come.


The World-Record Pyrex 100 Measuring Cup was unveiled in Chicago at the International Home + Housewares Show in March, officially kicking off the Pyrex 100 celebration and Pyrex 100 Measuring Cup Tour, which will make its way across America. To join in the fun:

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