Pyrex 100 Measuring Cup Tour Next StopPyrex 100 Measuring Cup Tour Next Stop

With the Pyrex® brand hitting the century mark just a nose ahead of the famed Indianapolis 500 race, which will turn 100 next year, it was fitting that the Pyrex 100 Measuring Cup Tour make a pit stop at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway’s annual Indy 500 race on Memorial Day weekend.

As expected, race fans from all over the country were on hand to celebrate the 99th year of the Indy 500. Many were surprised to see their favorite kitchen brand and the world record Pyrex 100 Measuring Cup at this year’s event. The Pyrex Mobile Tour Experience tent was right in the middle of the action (in a busy intersection, not on the raceway!). When race fans would see the bold red and white Pyrex 100 tents, they would rush over and share their stories about the brand found in more than 80 million kitchens across the country. Most common phrase of the weekend? “I love Pyrex and use it at home all the time!”

Thousands of race fans stopped by the tent to check out the World’s Largest Measuring Cup. They lined up to don red Pyrex 100 aprons and have their pictures taken, getting into the spirit of the event and raising a special-edition Pyrex® 100 Measuring Cup to celebrate the “raise your glass” theme of the 100th anniversary year. “I love Pyrex! I cook everything in glass and I think we should all go back to cooking that way,” one visitor shared. Another even stepped outside her comfort zone, adding, “I never like to be in pictures, but I’ll definitely take one with a Pyrex apron on! I’m addicted to Pyrex!” Awwww, thanks!

As on previous stops, visitors could view vintage, current and limited-edition Pyrex products, and shared that they enjoyed being able to see the history of the line almost as much as they liked checking out the enormous world record measuring cup. Many people loved the throwback Pyrex 100 design. “I love that Pyrex brought back the Dot pattern design,” one attendee said.

Fans were also revved up about the mini Pyrex measuring cup key chains passed out, so when folks “start their engines,” Pyrex will be there with them for many more years. In addition, they stayed cool with Pyrex 100 measuring cup-on-a-stick fans. As was the case in Charleroi, Pa.—whoops!—we mean Pyrex, Pa., both the Pyrex photo booth with vintage ads and the Plinko games drew big crowds, too.

Best fun fact of race weekend? We learned that one visitor’s road trip started all the way in...ready for this? Charleroi, Pa. And, this super fan even attended the Pyrex, Pa. event the weekend before. We raise a Pyrex 100 glass to you!

And we raise a (milk) glass to long-standing American traditions like the Indy 500. The Pyrex brand is honored to be among such iconic company!


After the official kickoff, where the World’s Largest Pyrex 100 Measuring Cup was unveiled at Chicago’s International Home + Housewares Show in March, the Pyrex 100 Measuring Cup Tour made its way to Charleroi, Pa. (aka Pyrex, Pa.) before stopping at the Indy 500. Get in on all the action and:

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