The World's Largest Measuring Cup

The History of the Pyrex® Measuring Cup

  • • The Pyrex measuring cup is a kitchen icon.  When originally released in 1925, the cup had two spouts – one on each side for both right and left hand pouring. The cup came in just one size- 8 ounces, and sold for $.50. 
    • By 1926 the two spout cup was discontinued and a new cup with one spout was introduced, which became the staple for years to come.
    • By 1941, four different Pyrex measuring cups were on the market, including an 8 oz. liquid, 8 oz. dry, 12 oz. liquid and 16 oz. dry. Each cup was adorned with the red Pyrex logo and red markings on the side, making it easy to read. 
    • In 1948, a consumer could pick up a set of three measuring cups for $1.50 including a 1 cup, 1 pint and 1 quart measuring cup. These three versions remained essentially unchanged through the decades and are best known today.
    • In 1983, the measuring cup handle is transformed from a closed "D" to an open design, allowing for easy stacking and storage. This new handle design became the industry standard.
    • In 2015, the Pyrex® brand celebrates its 100th anniversary by launching 5 new limited edition colors of the kitchen icon.

Why the World's Largest Measuring Cup?

The measuring cup has been one of the most important Pyrex products since its introduction in 1925. It's recognizable across the globe, and is a staple in the Pyrex portfolio. Turning 100 doesn't happen often, and to celebrate this milestone occasion, Corelle Brands created the World's Largest Measuring Cup as a way to honor the kitchen icon. The cup was officially designated by Guinness World Records on March 8, 2015 at the International Home and Housewares Show in Chicago.

Where the Cup was made? 

Pyrex is proud to be deeply rooted and born in the U.S.A. It's only fitting that the World's Largest Measuring Cup should be made in America. The cup was created by Corelle Brands for Pyrex and its final resting place will be Charleroi, Penn., the hometown of Pyrex.

World's Largest Measuring Cup Statistics

  • • The cup is just over 4 feet tall, and sits on a 2-foot base making it more than 6 feet total
    • The width of the cup from tip to handle is 5.83 feet
    • The cup holds approximately  3,040 cups of material
    • The cup weighs 65 pounds when empty, and has a red lid that weighs 15 pounds
    • The cup is approximately 1,500 times larger than the top-selling, Pyrex 2-cup measuring cup
    • The cup features familiar red measuring markings and the 100th anniversary insignia
    • The cup is made out of acrylic  

Fun Facts about the World's Largest Pyrex Measuring Cup

  • • If you were to fill the cup with pancake batter, it could produce approximately 3,840 4-in. pancakes
    • The cup holds approximately 30, 6.5-quart tins of Garrett Popcorn
    • An individual could bake approximately 1,440 Pyrex pans of brownies if the cup was filled with brownie batter
    • It could also whip up 1,920 cups of rice
    • The cup could hold enough oil to bake 72,960 cupcakes, or 6,080 dozen cupcakes

Pyrex is a registered trademark of Corning Incorporated, used under license by Corelle Brands LLC.